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The press conference: “El eje” and Montserrat Besses


On the past 9th of April, in the subject ‘Television and Radio on the XXI century’ taught by Meritxell Martínez and Alejandro Vallejo, the third grade students conducted two press conferences.

During the morning group practise, the founding partners of the El eje company joined us. This theatre company was created in 2013 by Eric Balbàs, Maria Hernández, Mar Pawlowsky i Marc Ribera. All of them are actors from the Theatre Institute that have evolved to producers, distributors, communicators and managers of their own performances.
El eje has already created 6 performances and they presented us their latest one: ‘RÖBOTA(Servitud)’, a “tragic, distopic, futurist and heterophobic thriller”, as they describe it.

Secondly, and during the afternoon group, the prestigious journalist Montserrat Besses visited us. She was TV3 correspondent in France, editor, host of the news and documentary and story director for the public catalan television. The press conference was about “Fake truth“, her last documentary, released in 2017. It talks about the post-truth, fake news and how the economic and ideological thoughts control the fake news in the network. “Fake truth” has became a reference in journalism and communication and its director told us all the details.

Roda de premsa

Roda de premsa

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