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Selection of student fashion films (course 2018-19)


The students that are coursing ‘The fashion cultural industry’ (optional subject), taught by Sílvia Martín, have developed very interesting final projects. Fashion magazines, leaders and fashion Instagram accounts, for example. Some of the ones that attract more attention are the fashion films, short length videos whose aim is to promote a product, a brand or a specific piece of clothing.

Hereunder you can find a brief selection:

La doble cara – Fashion film that combines iconic outfits and styling from fashion referents suchs as Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Valentino and Balenciaga with examples from the current athleisure. The dancing is inspired by the singer Rosalía and the music they have used it is also from this singer’s last disc ‘El mal querer’. This audiovisual production was made by Andrea García, Ariadna López, Nerea Molina, Jaume Planagumà, Xènia Riba and Nadine Sánchez.

Philia – This film wants to tribute the textile industry through the affective relation between the dancer and the fabrics that he is wearing. Through the dancing, they both communicate and convey a fragile, delicate and emotive atmosphere to the audience. Philia was made by Alba Esparza, Andrea Caba, Rubén Moreno, Marta Serran, and Laura Toledano Arenas.

Mr. Boho – This project reveals a Mr. Boho sunglasses collection. This brand relates each sunglasses with a very important fashion designer: the pink, Shiaparelli; the blue, Lanvin, and the red, Valentino. Furthermore, during the video they allow to each personal designers biography. This fashion film was made by Adriana Oriol and Paula Sanahuja.

Create. Paint. Mend – This video is about different fashion icons during the war and the post-war period. lt focuses on a very iconic half of XXth century piece of clothing: the stockings. At the same time, it shows a more actual version of the motto “Make.Do.Mend”. This project was made by Joana Casanova, Noura Dailal, Oriol López and Marina Montilla.

Fashion films

Fashion films

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