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Selection of cultural projects on Instagram (2018-2019)


The students of the subject “Theory and History of Communication” given by Roger Cuartielles and Jordi Hernández have create some profiles on Instagram to disseminate a cultural project and reach as many followers as possible.

Below, we show you some of the most outstanding works:

@lainstantaneadebarcelona: Profile created by the students Pula Borràs, Marta Ezquerra, Laura Gonzàlez, Ona Manzano and Núria Teixidor. La instantánea BCN allows us to know the photography exhibitions of the city of Barcelona. Numerous exhibitions are opened monthly, this profile informs us of the dates and locations, but also gives us a brief presentation of each exhibition published in this profile.

@barcelonarefugees: Profile created by the students Raquel Berlinches, Maria Corbera, Alexia Manresa, Ànnia Mulero and Javi Pena. In this virtual space, students give voice to the immigrant collective that arrives on our lands through the Mediterranean Sea. They collaborate with the collection of food, clothing, hygiene items and toys. Besides, they disseminate how this collective live.

@urbantunesbcn: Profile created by the students Joan Bermejo, Raquel Hidalgo, Olivia Marsella, Sergi Niusta and Júlia Palacín. It is a space for the musicians who play through the streets of Barcelona. It is a way to make them visible and interact with their followers. Thanks to the hashtags of this profile, other users of the application can share those musical groups they find through the streets of Barcelona.

@lavidaenfrida: Profile created by the students Kelsey Álvarez, Aina Bozal, Eva Molina, Ruth Martín i Escarlata Reig. Frida was an artist who marked a lot in the world of women artists, for her independence, her way of seeing society and her way of life. Today is a reference for many people, and that is why this group of students has chosen to deal with current issues from the point of view of Frida Khalo.

On the stand out section “Recomana” of Instagram CIC grade you can check out all the profiles.

Projectes a Instagram

Projectes a Instagram

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