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Talk: “Twitter of Mossos and the management of the terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils”


On November 27th the Faculty of Philology of Universitat de Barcelona received the community managers of Mossos d’Esquadra (@mossos) and The General Direction of Civil Protection of Generalitat de Catalunya (@emergenciescat), that within the frame of the subject “New technologies applied to comunication” from Grau CIC (taught by professor Isaac Salvatierra), explained how they managed their Twitter accounts during the terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils on August 17th.

Patricia Plaja of Mossos and Marc Homedes of Emergencies of Catalonia shared with the students of Communication and Cultural Industries which was the strategy adopted by both institutions to cover through the social media and being coordinated, the incidents that took place in Catalonia from August 17th, when the terror attack occurred, to August 23rd, when the author was shot dead.

The community managers explained the protocols they followed, and shared that the executed plan was already prepared. Barcelona was under terrorist threat long before attack, and both Mossos and Emergencies of Catalonia, analyzing how other countries that were previously attacked managed all the information, had already prepared some guidelines in case it would happened in the Catalan capital. They emphasized also, that communication management had to be rigorous and need to be proven, with the aim of settle down as referents. In addition, they express that the incidents proved that the social media manage with the cooperation of the media was useful to facilitate the investigation and to shot down the author of the terror attack.

Plaja and Homedes masterclass was received, for the students and the audience, as a good information management through social media lesson.



Here you can see the full conference.

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