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in Analytic Philosophy

Alfonso García Lapeña

LOGOS, Reaserch Group in Analytic Philosophy
GAME.SCI RE.CENTER, Game Science Research Center
GEHUCT, Grup de Recerca d'Estudis Humanístics de Ciència i Tecnologia

Alfonso García Lapeña


I am a Juan de la Cierva fellow in philosophy of science at UAB, working with Jordi Vallverdú.

I completed my PhD at UB (2021) with a thesis on how to define truthlikeness (similarity or closeness to the truth) for deterministic and probabilistic scientific laws, under the supervision of Professor José Antonio Díez. Before that I graduated in BBA at ESADE (2012) and in Philosophy at UB (2015). I got a MSc in International Management at ESADE (2013) and half of a MA in Analytic Philosophy at UB (2016). I also completed two years of Physics at UB (2014-2016). I have taught Logics and Philosophy of science at UB, and several courses regarding science, politics, ethics and several philosophical issues at Casa Elizalde.

My main research has focussed on the concept of “truthlikeness” or “closeness to the truth”, particularly on how to define and estimate closeness to the truth for scientific laws. I am interested in most topics of the general philosophy of science, particularly in scientific realism, induction, scientific progress and the nature of scientific laws, among others.

I am also interested in the philosophy of video games and Game Studies. 


Selection of Publications

  • Alfonso García Lapeña, David Ferragut. 2023

    Antes de los Game Studies

    Forthcoming. Anaitgames
  • Alfonso García Lapeña. 2023

    Nikolaus Geyrhalter y la superposición de estados: Creencia e imaginación en Homo Sapiens

    (Nikolaus Geyrhalter and the superposition of states: Belief and imagination in Homo Sapiens). In Lo que dura una película. Una antología sobre slow cinema. Co-edited by David Ferragut and Iona Sharp-Casas. Ed. Laertes.
  • Alfonso García Lapeña. 2021

    Truthlikeness for quantitative deterministic laws

    British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 74. First online May 2021, doi: 10.1086/714984.
  • Alfonso García Lapeña. 2021

    Truthlikeness for probabilistic laws

    Synthese 199, 9359–9389, doi: 10.1007/s11229-021-03206-4.
  • Alfonso García Lapeña, David Ferragut. 2020

    Un museo para los videojuegos

  • Alfonso García Lapeña, David Ferragut. 2019

    Ensayos y errores: Arte, ciencia y filosofía en los videojuegos

    (Trials and Errors. Art, science and philosophy in video games). Co-edited by David Ferragut and Alfonso García. Anaitgames.
  • Alfonso García Lapeña. 2019

    ¿Qué es un videojuego?

    (What is a video game?). In Ensayos y Errores. Arte, ciencia y filosofía en los videojuegos. Co-edited by David Ferragut and Alfonso García. Anaitgames.