Research Group in Analytic Philosophy

Carlota Serrahima

LOGOS - Universitat de Barcelona

GEF - Grup d'Estudis Fenomenològics 

Carlota Serrahima


Universitat de Barcelona

Departament de Filosofia

C/ Montalegre, 6-8, 4th floor. Office 4067 

08001 - Barcelona 

cserrahimab [at] ub [dot] edu

I got my Llicenciatura (=BA) in Philosophy by the Universitat de Barcelona (2010) and did an MA in Cognitive Science and Language (CCiL) at UB and a Teacher Training MA at UNED. I am doing my PhD within the CCiL program. I am a member of the project The Significance of First-Personal Attitudes and of the Grup d'Estudis Fenomenològics of the Societat Catalana de Filosofia. As a graduate student, I have been a visitor at the Center for Subjectivity Research of the University of Copenhagen (2013) and at the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris (2014; 2017; 2018). I currently teach Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Mind at the UB.

My main research topics are within Philosophy of Mind and Phenomenology. I am writing a dissertation about the sense of bodily ownership under the supervision of Francesc Perenya and Manuel García-Carpintero.

During the 2017/18 academic year, I co-convene the Logos Reading Group on the De Se. I have co-convened reading groups on Self-Knowledge, the Sense of Mineness and Metaphysics of the Self, and Immunity to Error through Misidentification, and co-organized the Second Barcelona Conference on the Sense of Mineness

Selection of Publications

  • Carlota Serrahima. 2018

    The Bounded Body. On the Sense of Bodily Ownership and the Experience of Space

    Forthcoming in M. García-Carpintero and M. Guillot (eds.), The Sense of Mineness, OUP
  • Carlota Serrahima. 2016

    Mètode i cogito en Descartes i Husserl

    A. Domingo, J. Macià, and S. Oms (eds.). Perspectives en Filosofia. Barcelona: Societat Catalana de Filosofia, Institut d'Estudis Catalans
  • Carlota Serrahima. 2015

    Percepción y conceptos. McDowell y Husserl sobre los contenidos de la experiencia

    Investigaciones Fenomenológicas. Anuario de la Sociedad Española de Fenomenología, vol. Monográfico 5, 311-329
  • Carlota Serrahima, Francesc Pereña. 2014

    Consciència (Bewusstsein) i Jo (Ich)

    Vocabulari Fenomenològic. Anuari de la Societat Catalana de Filosofia, XXV, 219-253