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Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan



I am a Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral fellow at the Universitat de Barcelona, and a member of the LOGOS Research Group. Prior to that I was a British Academy postdoctoral fellow at UCL and, before that, a JRF at New College, Oxford. I also complete a DPhil, BPhil and BA at Oxford. My DPhil, which was on first-person thought, was supervised by William Child, Martin Davies, and Timothy Williamson.

I specialize in philosophy of mind and philosophy of psychology. My main interests include: first-person thought, indexicality, desire, and addiction. 

This term I am co-convening, with Carlota Serrahima, a reading-group on immunity to error through misidentification and the de se: 


Selected Publications:

‘The Demonstrative Model of First-Person Thought’, Philosophical Studies 172 (2015): 1795-1811.

 'Immunity to error through misidentification: what does it tell us about the de se?', in S. Prosser and F. Recanati (eds.) Immunity to Error Through Misidentification: New Essays. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012: 104-124.

 ‘Can you think my “I”-thoughts?’, Philosophical Quarterly 59 (234) (2009): 68-85.