Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Duccio Calosi

Universitat de Barcelona,
Avigunda Montalegre, 6-8, 4th floor, Office 4013/4014, Barcelona.
Before coming to Barcelona and joining Logos I got my BA in Philosophy at the University of Florence (2019), which included a six months exchange at the University of Oslo, where I first got to appreciate the methods and topics of Analytic Philosophy.
Then, I moved to the University of St. Andrews for an MPhil program in Logic & Metaphysics, where I worked mostly on Conceptual Engineering. During the two years in St. Andrews, I got the chance to write two dissertations under the suprevision of Patrick Greenough and Aaron Cotnoir, which I named "Reality Engineering and Natural Kinds" and "Reality Engineering and Social Kinds".
Now I am working with Teresa Marques and Manolo Martínez on a project called "Plastic Kinds and the Engineerability of Reality". My main interests are Conceptual Engineering (which I often criticize), Social Ontology and Philosophy of Language, but I enjoy dicussions on most Philosophical topics.
Outside of Philosophy, I enjoy Chess (probably too much), Basketball, Travelling, Mountaneering, and, when I am in my hometown, Farming (not animals though).