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Filippo Contesi

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Curriculum Vitae

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Main research interests:


Aesthetics, Philosophical psychology, Metaphilosophy


My activities at LOGOS:

- Barcelona Workshop 12, 202? (with Manuel García-Carpintero & Enrico Terrone)

- LOGOS Graduate Training Workshops, 2019–present (with Michele Palmira until 2020)

- Research Methods in Analytic Philosophy, Master's in Analytic Philosophy (APhil), 2021–2022

Discussion Groups:

- Affects and Mental Agency (AMA), 2019–2020 (with David Pineda & Pepa Toribio)

- Philosophy of Propaganda (PoP), 2020–2021 (with Teresa Marques)


Extra Talks:

- Jenn Gleason (Ohio State), "'Mental Disorder' is Not Medically Useful", 13/11/2018

- Julia Langkau (Fribourg), "On Imagining Being Someone Else", 24/11/2020 [Video recording]

- Dimitrios Dentsoras (Manitoba), "Aesthetic Value, Location, and Narrative: The Case of the Parthenon Marbles", 9/2/2021 [Video recording]

- Giulia Piredda (IUSS Pavia), "Situated Affectivity: A Guide for the Perplexed", 23/3/2021 [Video recording]

- Bill Seeley (Southern Maine), "How to Be a Moderate Optimist about Neuroscience in Philosophy of Film and Other Places", 13/4/2021 [Video recording]

- Mark Windsor (New College Humanities), "The Miraculous and the Uncanny", 4/5/2021 [Video recording]

- Dan Hutto & Ian Robertson (Wollongong), "A New Better BET", 27/7/2021 [Video recording]


Publications (selected):

- "Unconscious Bias or Deliberate Gatekeeping?” (with Louise Chapman & Constantine Sandis), Medium / The Philosophers’ Magazine (forthcoming), 2021

- "Peter Lamarque", in Alessandro Giovannelli (ed.), Aesthetics: The Key Thinkers, Bloomsbury, 2021

- "Carroll on the Emotion of Horror", Projections, 2020

- Review of C. Korsmeyer, Things, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2019

- "A Taxonomy of Disgust in Art" (with Noël Carroll), in K. Tavin et al. (eds), Art, Excess, and Education, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019

- Introduction to "Linguistic Justice and Analytic Philosophy" (with Enrico Terrone), Philosophical Papers, 2018

- "How Transparent is Disgust?", European Journal of Philosophy, 2017