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in Analytic Philosophy

Johan Gebo

Johan Gebo


I’m currently a PhD student in analytic philosophy, and member of LOGOS.


I’ve taken a Master’s degree in analytic philosophy at Universitat de Barcelona, and a Bachelor’s degree in theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University. At Stockholm University, I’ve also taken a Bachelor’s degree in practical philosophy.


In principle, I’m interested in everything in analytic philosophy, and, thus, both theoretical and practical philosophy. However, I work only on issues in philosophy of language, e.g. the distinction between semantics and pragmatics, and philosophical logic. I wrote my B.A. paper in theoretical philosophy under the supervision of Peter Pagin, and defended the view that truth-value gaps are incompatible with the equivalence principle. I wrote my M.A. paper under the supervision of Max Kölbel and Josep Macià, and defended the view that the referential use of definite descriptions should be explained pragmatically rather than semantically. I am also writing my dissertation under the supervision of Max and Josep, and once again work on the semantics and pragmatics of definite descriptions.


In Barcelona, I was first member of and funded by the project ”PERSP – Philosophy of Perspectival Thoughts and Facts”, but has, from 2014, been member of and funded by the project “Semantic Content and Conversational Dynamics”.


In 2015, I was a Visiting Research Scholar at The Graduate Center at The City University of New York from September to December under the supervision of Stephen Neale.