Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Julian Hauser

I'm interested in the self and self-representation, with research located at the intersection of metaphysics of mind and the philosophy of cognitive science. In my postdoc research project (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation), I look at the emergence of self-representation in infants and, more particularly, at how communicative engagements between caregiver and infant prompt the infant to differentiate between herself and the caregiver.

I have also a long-standing interest – which has been the focus of my PhD research at the University of Edinburgh – in the constitution of our boundaries. Why is my body (a part of) me? Can other objects be a part of me, too? And, most interestingly, what underlying principles govern whether something is a part of me?

Sometimes this research has led me further afield, leading to engagement with the philosophy of dispositions and the philosophy of technology, among others.