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in Analytic Philosophy

Marcelino Botín

Marcelino Botín


Before joining LOGOS and the PhD program at the University of Barcelona, I received a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Philosophy from King's College London and an M-Phil degree in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, where I defended my master’s thesis: "Consciousness, Awareness and a Dilemma for Overflow theorist ".


My main interests are in the Philosophy of Mind and the Philosophy of Cognitive Science. My current research focuses on the so-called “meta-problem” of consciousness, which is the problem of explaining why we have the intuition that consciousness posses a “hard” problem over and above the “easy” problems of explaining cognitive functions. The premature aim of my PhD thesis, which is supervised by Dr Esa Diaz-Leon and Dr Genoveva Marti and funded by an FPI fellowship within the project Worlds and Truth Values: Challenges to Formal Semantics, is to advance a physicalist solution to the “meta-problem” that it is compatible with our common-sense beliefs about consciousness.


I am also a big music fan (70's progressive rock!), and I have a toxic relationship with surfing.