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Matheus Valente

Matheus Valente


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I'm a Margarita Salas Postdoctoral Fellow at the universities of Barcelona and València, and member of both the Valencia Philosophy Lab (VLC Lab) and LOGOS. Previously, I was a FAPESP Postdoctoral Fellow at UNICAMP/CLE, in Brazil. I obtained my PhD from the University of Barcelona/LOGOS Research Group in June 2020.

I have always been interested in issues at the crossroads of mind, language and the self. Among other things, I have written about indexical concepts, communication, Frege's Puzzle, the shareability of thoughts and iconicity/diagrams. Recently, I have been thinking about whether self-locating thought ('I', 'now', 'here', 'this') is exceptional in any substantial sense. I'm particularly interested in developing Gareth Evans' idea that self-locating thought is dynamic, and to contrast it with the widely more popular theories advanced by David Lewis (centered-worlds) and John Perry (two-factor belief states). I feel it would look less exceptional under that light. And this is would be a good thing!