Research Group in Analytic Philosophy

Moritz Schulz

I am a post-doc as part of the PERSP project and a member of the Logos research group at the University of Barcelona.
Moritz Schulz



Curriculum Vitae

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At the moment, my research centers around conditionals. I am interested in the relation of both indicative conditionals and counterfactuals to conditional probabilities. I also work on epistemic modals, indexical belief and more general problems concerning probability. 

Selection of Publications

  • Moritz Schulz. 2013

    Counterfactuals and Probability

    Forthcoming in Logique et Analyse.
  • Moritz Schulz. 2013

    Counterfactuals and Arbitrariness

    Forthcoming in Mind.
  • Moritz Schulz. 2011

    Chance and Actuality

    Philosophical Quaterly 61, 105-129.
  • Moritz Schulz, Nick Haverkamp. 2011

    A Note on Comparative Probability

  • Moritz Schulz. 2011

    Modalised Conditionals: A Response to Willer

    Philosophical Studies.
  • Moritz Schulz. 2010

    The Dynamics of Indexical Belief

    Erkenntnis 72, 337-351.
  • Moritz Schulz. 2010

    Wondering What Might Be

    Philosophical Studies 149, 367-386.
  • Moritz Schulz. 2010

    Epistemic Modals and Informational Consequence

    Synthese 174, 385-395.
  • Moritz Schulz. 2009

    A Note on Two Theorems by Adams and McGee

    The Review of Symbolic Logic 2, 509-516.