Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy





April 24th 2018


10-11:30 Gonçalo Santos (U. Lisboa), "Bilateralism, Independence and Coordination".


11:30-12 Coffee break


12-13:30 Pilar Terrés (U. Barcelona), “Substructural logic, Gricean maxims, and the inferential role of the logical constants”


13:30-15 Lunch


15-16:30 Lucas Rosenblatt (U. Barcelona/U. Buenos Aires), “On structural contraction and why it fails”.


16:30-16:45 Coffee break


16:45- 18:15 Pablo Cobreros (U. Navarra), “Metainferences and ST: (sketch of) A response to Barrio, Rosenblatt and Tajer”.



April 25th 2018


10-11:30 Elia Zardini (U. Lisboa), “Generalised Tarski’s Thesis Hits Substructure”.


11:30-12 Coffee break


12-13:30 Nasim Mahoozi (U. Barcelona), "Substructural logic, Topology and The Sorites Paradox".