Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Patrick Connolly

Universitat de Barcelona
Patrick Connolly
I recently joined LOGOS as a Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral fellow working at UB. My primary interests are in the philosophy of language and social philosophy and their application to communication and society more generally. My current research is primarily on the topic of artificial conversational entities (such as chatbots) and considering their effects and consequences for theories of language. I am also looking at the notion of seriousness and its role in online discourse.

Selection of Publications

  • Patrick Connolly. 2022

    Trolling as Speech Act

    The Journal of Social Philosophy, Volume 53, Issue3, Fall 2022 Pp. 404-420
  • Patrick Connolly, Emma Borg. 2022

    Exploring Linguistic Liability

    Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Language Volume 2 (eds. Lepore, E & Sosa, D), OUP

Unpublished/Work in Progress

  • Patrick Connolly. 0

    Conversation Solitaire: Chatbot interlocutors and the philosophy of language (in progress)

  • Patrick Connolly, Sanford C. Goldberg, Jennifer M. Saul. 0

    Conversations Online: An edited collection (forthcoming)

  • Patrick Connolly. 0

    Why so unserious? The role of seriousness in online discourse (in progress)