Logic, Language and Cognition Research Group

Metaphysics (M)

The topic of this reading group is "Grounding". 

By focussing on a series of key readings in the recent debate, we aim at investigating and understanding:
(i) general issues that concern the nature of the notion of grounding, as well as the motivations behind it; 
(ii) the theoretical jobs it is called on to perform and its ability to perform them (or lack thereof); 
(iii) the formal principles that govern it. The relation that grounding bears to other notions that arguably play a role in metaphysics (e.g. supervenience or reduction), and its application to specific philosophical debates may also form part of the RG's topics.

We will meet every Tuesday from 3 to 5 PM, in the Aula Seminario de Lógica, starting on the 13th of October.

Please contact either of the convenors (Samuele Chilovi: samuele.chilovi@gmail.com or Delia Belleri: deliabelleri@gmail.com) if you wish to be included in the reading group's mailing list

List of Planned Readings (might be subject to changes):

A. General features and philosophical significance of grounding
1. On what grounds what (Schaffer)
2. Guide to Ground (Fine)
3. Metaphysical dependence: grounding and reduction (Rosen)
4. A clarification and defense of the notion of grounding (Audi)
5. Grounding explanations (deRosset)
B. Formal principles
6. Is Metaphysical Dependence irreflexive? (Jenkins)
7. Grounding, Transitivity, and Contrastivity (Schaffer)
8. Grounding and necessity (Leuenberger)
C. Challenges to the notion of grounding
9. No work for a theory of grounding (Wilson)
10. Scepticism about grounding (Daly)


  • On What Grounds What, by Jonathan Schaffer

    Jonathan Schaffer (2009). On What Grounds What. In David Manley, David J. Chalmers & Ryan Wasserman (eds.), Metametaphysics: New Essays on the Foundations of Ontology. Oxford University Press, pp. 347-383.

    13 October 2015

    15:00, Aula Seminari de Logica

  • Guide to Ground, by Kit Fine

    Kit Fine (2012). Guide to Ground. In Fabrice Correia & Benjamin Schnieder (eds.), Metaphysical Grounding. Cambridge University Press, pp. 37-80.

    20 October 2015

    15:00, Seminari de Logica

  • Metaphysical Dependence: Grounding and Reduction, by Gideon Rosen

    Gideon Rosen (2010). Metaphysical Dependence: Grounding and Reduction. In Bob Hale & Aviv Hoffmann (eds.), Modality: Metaphysics, Logic, and Epistemology. Oxford University Press 109-36.

    27 October 2015

    15:00, Seminari de Logica

  • A Clarification and Defense of the Notion of Grounding, by Paul Audi

    Paul Audi (2012). A Clarification and Defense of the Notion of Grounding. In Fabrice Correia & Benjamin Schnieder (eds.), Metaphysical Grounding: Understanding the Structure of Reality. Cambridge University Press 101-121.

    03 November 2015

    15:00, Seminari de Logica