Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Richard Woodward

Juan de la Cierva Research Fellow
Departament de Lògica, Història i Filosofia de la Ciència
Universitat de Barcelona
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Richard Woodward


Dept. Lógica, Història i Filosofía de la Ciència, Universitat de Barcelona

LOGOS – Grup de Recerca en Lògica, Llenguatge i Cognició

Montalegre 6; Barcelona 08001

Email: rich.woodward AT 


Before arriving in Barcelona, I was a lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy and the University of Cambridge and previously held two postdoctoral research fellowships at the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind, which is attached to the Philosophy Department at the University of Leeds. The first of these was funded by the lovely people at the Analysis Trust. Back in the day I was PhD student at the University of Sheffield, where I was supervised by John Divers. My thesis assessed fictionalist accounts of possible objects. I'll eventually turn this into a book, which is tentatively entitled Once Upon a World. 

My research interests are located in metaphysics (esp. modality, fictionalisms, metaontology, indeterminacy), the philosophy of language (esp. conditionals, vagueness, metasemantics), the philosophy of logic (esp. logical consequence, the semantic paradoxes), and aesthetics (esp. fiction, the imagination). 

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