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in Analytic Philosophy

Roger Deulofeu Batllori

University of Barcelona / Autonomous University of Barcelona
Roger   Deulofeu Batllori


Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Departament de Filosofia

Facultat de filosofia i lletres

Despatx B7/115

Curriculum Vitae

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I hold a PhD in philosophy of science by the University of Barcelona (02/2020).  Before, I got a MA in Analytic Philosophy and another Ma in Education (philosophy teacher) at the same university. I did a BA in Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 

In my dissertation, supervised by professor José Díez, I argue for a weak explanatory pluralism in biology, challenging the mechanistic approach at the light of mathematical and covering law models of explanation. 

My research was funded by an FPI grant of the Spanish Ministry of Education. 

I have taught Philosofy of Science and Logic at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and english and philosophy at secondary school. 

At the moment I am working at the UAB with professor Thomas Sturm under a Margarita Salas position. My project turns around the philosophy of science of Philip Kitcher, his naturalism and his defense of epistemic values as essential to characterise science and its advancement.  

Selection of Publications

  • Roger   Deulofeu Batllori, Javier Suárez. 2019

    Equilibrium explanations as structural non-mechanistic explanations: the case of long-term bacterial persistence in human hosts

    Teorema. Revista internacional de filosofía
  • Roger   Deulofeu Batllori, Javier Suárez. 2019

    Explaining the behavior of random ecological networks. The stability of the microbiome as a case of integrative pluralism. 

    • Synthese
  • Roger   Deulofeu Batllori, Javier Suárez. 2018

    When mechanisms are not enough. The origin of eukaryotes an mechanistic explanation

    In Christian, A., Hommen, D., Retzlaff, N., Schurz, G. (eds.) Philosophy of Science: Between the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities. Springer.

  • Roger   Deulofeu Batllori, Jordi Deulofeu . 2017

    Pascal. Los fundamentos de la probabilidad

    Coleccion grandes matemáticos. RBA