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My academic life started back in 1995 when I began studying Biochemistry at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). I soon realized that, despite being very interested in natural sciences in general, what captivated me the most was to acquire a philosophical perspective on the knowledge produced by scientists. Consequentely, I started studying Philosophy, again, at UBA, where I got a Bachelor degree and a Teaching Training diploma in 2007. After that I came to Barcelona and did a Master in Analytic Philosophy (APHIL) at Universitat de Barcelona (UB) in 2011. By the end of 2013 I got my first PhD from UBA, with a dissertation that explores the sources of objectivity and justification of experimental knowledge. I kept on studying, researching and feeding my curiosity and in 2018 I got a second PhD in Cognitive Sciences and Language (CCiL) from UB. This last dissertation, written under the supervision of José Antonio Díez Calzada, focus on the Experimenters' Regress argument in Physics and in Biomedical Sciences and offers different alternatives to avoid the skeptical consequences of this argument. 

My current research is devoted to understanding experiments in natural sciences, the kind of knowledge experimental results encode and their interpretative flexibility, the impact of tacit knowledge in experimental research and how to overcome the Replicability crisis in Biomedical research. The ultimate goal of my research is to contribute in a meaningful and constructive way with practicing scientists in order to improve the quality of their work by clarifying conceptual problems or to overcome epistemic shortcomings. 

I have been teaching philosophy at a graduate level since 2006. In 2015 I became an assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy at UB and since 2017 I collaborate with the Bioethics module at the International Master of Biomedical Sciences, at the University of Freiburg, where I introduce young researchers into some of the philosophical problems of experimental research. 


Selection of Publications

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  • Romina Zuppone. 2014

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