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Romina Zuppone


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Curriculum Vitae

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I did a BA in Philosophy at Universidad de Buenos Aires, where I also got a Teaching Training diploma in 2007. After that I did a Master in Analytic Philosophy at Universitat de Barcelona.

I received my first PhD from Universidad de Buenos Aires (2013) with a dissertation that explores the sources of objectivity and justification of experimental knowledge. I received a second PhD from Universitat de Barcelona (2018). This last dissertation, written under the supervision of José Antonio Díez Calzada, focus on the Experimenters'Regress argument in Physics and in Biomedical Sciences and offers different alternatives to break out of it.   

I am currently an assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy at Universitat de Barcelona and teach Philosophy of Biomedical Research at the International Master of Biomedical Sciences, Freiburg. I also teach at Universitat de l'experiència and at Gaudir UB.    

Selection of Publications

  • Romina Zuppone. 2017

    "An Internal Answer to the Experimenters' Regress through the Analysis of the Semantics of Experimental Results and Their Representational Content", Perspectives on Science, Vol 25:1, 95-123. 

  • Romina Zuppone. 2014

    "La vida propia del experimento: un análisis crítico de la autonomía de la experimentación y su relación con la constitución y la justificación de la evidencia empírica", Cuadernos de Filosofía, 61. 

  • Romina Zuppone. 2014

    "¿Existen diferencias esenciales entre representaciones artísticas y científicas? Consecuencias para una teoría general de la representación científica", Análisis filosófico, 34:2, pp. 147-170.

  • Romina Zuppone. 2014

    "Overcoming the Experimenters' Regress in Biomedical Research", Philosophical Writings, 43:1, 45-56.

  • Romina Zuppone. 2011

    "El Empirismo Lógico en perspectiva: el olvido de Otto Neurath", Alcances, Revista de Filosofía Contemporánea, III, pp. 1-24.

  • Romina Zuppone. 2011

    "La vida propia del experimento: un análisis crítico de la autonomía de la experimentación" Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofía, 37, 213-238.

  • Romina Zuppone. 2010

    "El argumento del regreso del experimentador y la replicación de experimentos" Scientiae Studia, Vol 8, Nº 2, April-June.