Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Ryan Doran

María Zambrano Fellow for the Attraction of International Talent
Senior Member of LOGOS
Member of the Barcelona Institute for Analytic Philosophy (BIAP)
Co-Director, Higher Values Project, University of Cambridge (
Most of my research to date has been at the intersection of Moral Philosophy (and especially Moral Psychology & Environmental Ethics), the Philosophy of Mind, Psychology & Cognitive Science, and Philosophical Aesthetics. 

Broadly speaking, my research is concerned with characterising certain emotions, and understanding the role that these emotions play in our lives, particularly with respect to our perceptual, moral and aesthetic capacities.

I was the winner of the American Philosophical Association's 2024 Arthur Danto/ASA prize.

You can find out more information about my research at my website:

You can find me on twitter at @R_P_Doran

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