Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Simone Melis

Universitat de Barcelona,
Avigunda Montalegre, 6-8, 4th floor, Barcelona.
Simone Melis

Curriculum Vitae

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Before joining the LOGOS group, I completed my studies in philosophy at the University of Turin. Both my Bachelor's and Master's thesis have been carried out under prof. Vincenzo Crupi supervision. The first one concerned the phenomenon of scientism: I argued against this view of knowledge, making use of arguments by Hayek and Dupré's. My Master's thesis, instead, was focused on the topic I am still dealing today: can a psychologistic variant of logic account for its normative properties?

My philosophical interests are wide and various, but concern basically the theories of reasoning, epistemology, and knowledge in all its forms. I am naturally inclined to approach philosophical issues in a multidisciplinary way, as far as it possible, and I am trying to do the same with my Ph.D. project here in Barcelona. 

The project is supervised by Prof. José Díez and Prof. Genoveva Martí. I am trying a difficult marriage between a psyhcologistic view of logic, in which the cognitive science findings matter, and a Neowittgensteinian frame for what concerns the normativity tout-court. In particular, my conviction is that a few important elements of logic are deeply rooted in human psychology, whereas the normative properties emerge in a communitarian context. 

Besides philosophy, I am very fond of art and music, which I try to enjoy and produce whenever possible, but also of travel and wild places.