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in Analytic Philosophy

Teresa Marques

Universitat de Barcelona

Teresa Marques



BIAP - Barcelona Institute of Philosophy

Philosophy Department

C/ Montalegre, 6-8

08001 Barcelona


email: teresamatosferreira [AT]

(+34) 934037917

Curriculum Vitae

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I'm a researcher with the LOGOS Group and the Barcelona Institute of Philosophy (BIAP) at the University of Barcelona. I'm currently PI of the project CONCEDIS .

Between 2014 and 2016, I was a Marie Curie Research Fellow with the Law & Philosophy research group of the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. I have previously held appointments at the Universities of Lisbon, of Barcelona and of Maryland - University College Europe.

​I studied in Stirling (PhD), in St. Andrews (MLitt), and in Lisbon (BA/Licenciatura).

I specialize in philosophy of language, and have interests in metaethics, feminist philosophy,
and social and legal philosophy. My work focuses on the nature of conflicts, on the social and
political dimension of discourse, on conceptual variability, and the nature of social kinds.

Selection of Publications

Unpublished/Work in Progress

  • Teresa Marques, Chiara Valentini. 2020

    Collective Action, Philosophy, and Law

    edited volume in preparation for Routledge
  • Teresa Marques, Manuel García-Carpintero. 0

    Really expressive presuppositions and how to block them

  • Teresa Marques. 0

    Disagreement with a bald-faced liar

  • Teresa Marques. 0

    Review of Context, Truth, and Objectivity - Essays on Radical Contextualism, edited by Eduardo Marchesan and David Zapero, Routledge.

    Forthcoming in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2019.
  • Teresa Marques. 0

    Relativismo y retractaciones

    forthcoming in David Pérez Chico (ed.), Contextualismo Semántico y Pragmático, Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza.
  • Teresa Marques. 0

    El lenguaje dañoso, y la dimensión social y política del lenguaje

    forthcoming em Ignacio Vicario (ed.), Filosofía del Lenguaje, Coleccion SEFA. Editorial Tecnos.
  • Teresa Marques, Åsa Wikforss. 0

    Shifting Concepts: The Philosophy and Psychology of Conceptual Variability

    (eds.) Oxford University Press (forthcoming)