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Detailed information of the Masters in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

More and more organizations believe that its main asset is the people who make up the team. This is the basis the reason of beings and driving force of a company.

Having a team made up emotionally intelligent people who cooperate with each other and maintain a proactive attitude to the challenges the organization is the key to success. Managers and executives know this and therefore they increasingly focus their efforts on developing communication skills and empathy, and make management personnel one of the key of the organization.

To meet this reality, the Institute of Continuing Education of the University of Barcelona (IL3-UB) has created the Masters in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, which arises from the sum of two postgraduate degrees: the Postgraduate about emotional intelligence in Organizations, transferring the skills and competencies necessary to perform a human resources management based on emotional intelligence; and Certificate in Coaching in the workplace, which prepares managers and human resources managers to help teams cope with the problems and meeting challenges.

During the Certificate in Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, students develop skills to lead successful teams. The Graduate Coaching Environment Education students participate in a process of individualized coaching with the aim of working on emotional skills to perform basic personal coaching job.

Designed to improve skills as a leader and / or team manager in the workplace, student profiles that best match this master are professionals who are motivators, mentors, tutors, coaches, psychologists, educational psychologists and mediators.

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