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There are many factors affecting the dynamics of companies: migratory flows that involve the inclusion of people of different cultures and different ways of working, periodic crises and continuous technological advances that affect and alter the forms of communication and business models, among others. All these requires a constant review of corporate policies and those relating to human resources not escape it in order. To resist this avalanche of economic and social changes, management and a smart emotionally intelligent are vital, competent and able to be proactive.

The Graduate Coaching in the workplace transfers knowledge and experiences that are appropriate to improve the skills and competencies of individuals in an organization, settling the principles and values of each organizational level to achieve excellent results. It sets focus of Coaching action in three main areas: helping the organization become aware of itself and it also helps teams cope with the problems and meet the challenges that may arise until excellence and help managers staff by improving their effectiveness as professionals, as well as enhance their performance at work through personal skills.

In addition, the postgraduate offers an individual coaching process that is designed to develop basic emotional skills to work as a coach: emotional awareness, emotional regulation, emotional autonomy, social skills and life skills and wellbeing.

If you lead a team of the Graduate Coaching in the workplace it will allow you to improve your emotional skills workplace. If you are a professional human resources and want to develop and implement new models of leadership people through the coach methodology, this is your course.

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