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Detailed information of the Certificate in Emotional Education and Well-being 2019-2020

Leaflet Certificate in Emotional Education and Well-being

It is possible to check the final assessments of the students of the Certificate in Emotional Education and Well-being, made in previous years.

Educators at all levels (secondary school teachers, tutors, teachers, psychologists, pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, etc.), human resources managers and other professionals (doctors, nurses, lawyers, and others) who interact continuously with others in difficult situations where emotions are on the surface and may be a cause of conflict. In order to practise these professions need an emotional balance that goes beyond the technical preparation is needed.

This course contributes to the development of emotional skills that every professional needs but particularly teachers. It also aims to prepare professionals to implement emotional education. Note that many current problems (stress, depression, drug use, violence, conflicts, etc.) have to do with emotions. Emotional education is proposed as a preventive measure to all these problems.

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