The GRSeminar is a series of talks on issues in philosophy of gender, race, and sexuality (broadly conceived), taking place weekly or bi-weekly at the University of Barcelona. Each session features a local or invited speaker, and after a short presentation by the speaker, most of the session is devoted to discussion of the pre-read material.


Time: 15:00-17:00 (unless otherwise specified)

Venue: Department of Philosophy, Universitat de Barcelona, C/ Montalegre, 6, 08001, Barcelona.




Academic year 2020-21:

Spring 2021:

April 21: Nick Wiltsher (Uppsala): “Understanding what it’s like to be (dis)privileged”. (Venue: Zoom). Time: 11:30-13:30.


Academic year 2019-20:

Spring 2020:

February 11: Erin Beeghly (Utah): “Does Stereotyping Constitute Discrimination? The Constitutive Claim and Why It Matters”. (Venue: Seminario Maria Zambrano)


Academic year 2018-19:

Spring 2019:

June 6: Wendy Salkin (San Francisco State University): “The Complaints of the Represented”. (Special time: 12:00-14:00)

July 15: Nathan Robert Howard (Texas A&M) & N. G. Laskowski (California State, Long Beach): “Gender Anti-Realism”. (Special time: 12:00-14:00)


Academic year 2017-18:

Spring 2018:

March 22: Marta Jorba (Basque Country): “Conceptualizing Intersectionality: A Feminist Analytic Perspective”

April 5: Dan López de Sa (ICREA/ Barcelona): “Constructing Sexual Orientations: the Case of Kink”

April 12: Jeff Engelhardt (Dickinson College): “Dominant interpretive resources and social kind concepts”

April 19: Asa Burman (Stockholm): “Collective responsibility for implicit bias”

May 17: Teresa Marques (Barcelona): “Slurs & Oughts”



Fall 2017:

October 19: Rachel Elizabeth Fraser (Cambridge): “The Epistemology of (Compulsory) Heterosexuality”

November 2: Esa Díaz León (Barcelona): “On Haslanger’s Meta-metaphysics: Social Structures and Metaphysical Deflationism”

November 9: Brice Bantegnie (Prague): “Concepts and Ideology”

November 23: Dan López de Sa (ICREA/Barcelona): “Constructing Social Constructions”

November 30: Teresa Marques (Barcelona): “Dangerous Political Speech and Collective Action”


Academic year 2016-17:

Spring 2017:

March 9: Esa Díaz-León (Barcelona): “Amatonormativity and Hermeneutical Injustice”

March 16: Agustín Vicente (Basque Country): “Prostitution “in itself”: harms, dangers, and policies”

March 23: Anca Gheaus (Pompeu Fabra): “The feminist case against care”

March 30: Teresa Marques (Barcelona): “Pejorative discourse is not fictional”

April 20: Paula Casal (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra): “Marx, Rawls, Cohen and Feminism”

April 27: Katharine Jenkins (Nottingham): “Gender Identity: A Guide for the Perplexed”

May 11: Maren Behrensen (Münster): “A Conferralist Account of Nationality”

May 18: Dan López de Sa (ICREA/Barcelona): “Significant Verbal Disputes and so-called ‘Metalinguistic Negotiations'”

July 5: Saray Ayala (California State-Sacramento): “Responsibility for Silence”. (Special time: 11:00-13:00)


(Special session: 2017 Annual GRStalk:)

June 16: Samantha Brennan (Western): “Exploitation, paternalism, and life stage specific goods”. (Special time: 12:00-14:00)


Academic year 2015-16:

Spring 2016:

(Special session: 2016 Annual GRStalk): 

June 2: Hallie Liberto (Connecticut): “Sexual Consent: Moral Validity versus Moral Relevance”


Fall 2015:

October 1: Joshua Glasgow (Sonoma State): “What Is the Connection between Race and Ancestry?”

October 22: Delia Belleri (Barcelona/Vienna): “Two Species of Merely Verbal Disputes”

November 12: Dan López de Sa (ICREA/Barcelona): “Grounding Beyond the Fundamental: The Case of Gender”

November 19: Robin Zheng (Cambridge): “Imagining in Oppressive Contexts, or, What’s Wrong With Blackface?”

December 3: Marc Artiga (Barcelona): “Is ‘Race’ Ambiguous?”

December 17: David Ludwig (Amsterdam): “What to do with ‘Race’? Social hierarchy and the question of an adequate referent”


Academic year 2014-15:

Spring 2015:

March 5: Shen-yi Liao (Leeds/ Nanyang Technological University): “Etiquette and Morality”

March 19: Esa Díaz-León (Barcelona/Manitoba): “Is Sexual Orientation a Choice? A Response to Wilkerson”

April 9: Aurélien Darbellay (Barcelona): “Sociality as Cooperation”

April 16: Alex Davies (Tartu): “The Free Speech Argument Against Pornography Revisited”

May 7: Mari Mikkola (Humboldt): “Sex in Medicine: What Stands in the Way of Credibility?”

May 21: Samuele Chilovi (Barcelona): “Laws as Fiction” (joint work with JJ Moreso, UPF)


(Special session: 2015 Annual GRStalk): 

July 6:  Serene Khader (Brooklyn College, CUNY): “Do Muslim Women Need Freedom? Traditionalist Feminisms and Feminist Politics After Saba Mahmood”. (Special time: 12:00-14:00)



Organized by

Esa Díaz-León (University of Barcelona), sponsored by a Ramon y Cajal Research Grant (RYC-2012-10900), Spanish Government.