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Workshop "In Sciences also we do learning-service", at the Faculty of Chemistry (UB)


Last Thursday, January 25th, the Multipurpose Laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry, took place the Workshop "In Sciences we can also do learning-service", addressed to the faculty of Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Sciences of the Earth) and organized by the ICE and the coordinators of ApS of the Faculties of Chemistry, Biology and Earth Sciences. The Workshop was a success of attendance and participation, with 55 teachers from the different faculties that during the workshop established connections between them, in order to start ApS projects in their subjects. The possibility of carrying out TFGs in terms of Service-learning and participating in the "Sharing ideas" project was of special interest. In this sense, the coordinators have undertaken to contact the attendees again and keep them informed about new features and deadlines, so that they could incorporate proposals in the "Shaing ideas".





1st Workshop on Sustainable Development, at the Faculty of Biology (UB)


On Friday, February 16th, the 1st Workshop on Sustainable Development will be held at the Faculty of Biology. The initial purpose of the seminar was to inform the students of the subject of Sustainable Development of the degree of Environmental Sciences, the work carried out by the different entities that collaborate with the subject and some of the projects that their peers they did last year. Given the interest shown by the professors attending the Service-learning Conference in Sciences, assistance has been opened to anyone who is interested and ICE has taken part in the organization. See the poster and the program below:




Workshop: "Building a committed and critical university: Service Learning and Sustainable Development Goals"

On Friday, April 13th, the seminar "Building a committed and critical university: Service Learning and Sustainable Development Goals", organized by the ApS Group (UB) - Service Learning Group of the University of Barcelona - at the Faculty of Philology of this same university. More than 100 people attended the workshop.

The purpose of the conference was to reflect on the role of universities in social transformation and sustainable development in order to build "a critical global citizenship, active and socially committed to fair and equitable human development" (ACUP, 2017) .



  1. Inaugural conference
  2. Poster Session
  3. Panel Discussion and Closure


Press article

Poster compilation

10th CIDUI 2018

The 10th CIDUI has been hold on 5-7 July in Girona, “Learning Spaces: agents of change at university”.





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