The research group in Game Theory and Assignment Markets (GTAM) is mainly formed by researchers of the Department of Mathematical Economics, Finance and Actuarial Sciences at the University of Barcelona.

The group has been recognized as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2017SGR778) and has also been continuously supported along the last twenty years by national research projects and grants awarded by the Spanish Government.


The group is interested in all decision-making problems, especially those related to all aspects of game theory. We have a large trajectory in the study of cooperative games, including bargaining sets, convexity and monotonicity properties. In particular, we are probably the leading group with several contributions to the study of two-sided and multi-sided assignment markets. Rationing and resource allocation are also important applications. Part of the team is also focused on analyzing dynamic games and their applications to natural resources.


Most of the researchers of the group are members of the Barcelona Economic Analysis Team, an interdisciplinary  research institute that unites researchers from several departments within the University of Barcelona who share the goal of producing excellent and relevant research in Economics.