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Mariela Fargas Peñarrocha



Facultat de Geografia i Història (UB)
Montalegre, 6 | 08001 Barcelona
Office 3084

Visiting hours

Thursday, 17,00-18,00
(Visits can be arranged by email)

Subjects taught

-Early Modern history
-Gender and history
-History, culture and society in the Early Modern period
-The Early Modern family, between public and private

Academic career

Associate Professor. Doctoral thesis presented in 1996 under the direction of Professor Pere Molas. Has also been a predoctoral grant holder, associate professor and reader in the department of Early Modern history of the UB.
Carried out a stay of two years as a postdoctoral grant holder at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Has taught as an associate professor at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and as a consultant at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
Received the following awards: III Premi Nacional de Finalización de Estudis Universitarios (MEC, 1990), the Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado (1997), and the Premi Ferran Soldevila (1996).
Degree in Law, Universitat de Barcelona (2018).


Família i poder a Catalunya, 1516-1621. Les estratègies de consolidació de la classe dirigent,Barcelona, 1997

Les dones a l’antic règim, Barcelona, 2009.

“Transiciones de la autoridad a la igualdad: propiedad, familia e indivíduo en el antiguo régimen”, Historia, Antropología, Fuentes Orales, 42, 2009, pp. 137-151.

“Nupcias y movilidad social en la constitución de lo público y lo privado en la Barcelona moderna”, Cuadernos de Historia Moderna, 2009, Anejos-VIII, pp. S

La genealogía cautiva: propiedad, movilidad y familia en Barcelona, 1500-1600, València, PUV, 2012.

Current research avenues

History of the family
History of women in modern Catalonia
History of quotidian life

Other activities

Full time researcher in the research group “Daily life in the Early Modern period” for the triennium 2012-2014 (General Management of Research. General Submanagement of Research Projects. Ministry of Education and Science), coordinated by G. Franco Rubio, the subproject of the Universitat de Barcelona being directed by M.A. Pérez Samper.

Is a member of various Teaching Innovation groups: “E-portfolio of EEES skills in the Master’s in Historical Studies, reference Early Modern history” (coord. J. Dantí), currently operational, and “Learning History from Interdisciplinarity” (coord. M.A. Pérez Samper) and “Teaching Early Modern history in the twenty-first century” (coord. J.L. Palos) during the 2010-2011 year. Is currently coordinator of the Teaching Innovation group “How to motivate students? Integral learning and blog for teams”, in development during the 2011-2012 course.

Since October 2011 is the director of the Women and Society Interdisciplinary Seminar.


Twitter profile: @mariela_fargas

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