Pedralbes. Journal of Early Modern History.


cover_issue_23430_ca_ESPublished annually since 1981 by the Department of Early Modern History of the Universitat de Barcelona, the journal Pedralbes is a tool for promoting and disseminating the latest investigations into the Early Modern period, with a broad thematic and geographical scope.

In addition to its general nature, the journal incudes dossiers on specific topics and publishes, in double issues, the minutes of the various Conferences of Early Modern Catalan History, organised by this same department.

After the Estudios de Historia Moderna, founded by Jaume Vicens Vives (1951-1959), Pedralbes is the oldest journal dedicated to the Early Modern period in the Catalan academic world, and one of the first in the Spanish.

News: Latest issue: Pedralbes 39, 2019 (1 vol), now available at