European Network for the Baroque Cultural Heritage (ENBACH)

Published by Webmaster on Monday, December 3, 2012

European Network for the Baroque Cultural Heritage (ENBACH)

European Commission, Culture Programme
Project Number 148836


This group was formed with the purpose of reinforcing interdisciplinary research into the specific functions and the complexity of cultural circulation in Baroque Europe (c. 1580-1680), placing a special emphasis on the Hispanic Monarchy of the Habsburgs and their presence in Europe, primarily in Italy and Naples.

The project is interested in analysing the creation, diffusion and reception of the representation of the past, based on hagiographic texts and visually symbolic programmes. At the same time, the group intends to propose a debate concerning the social and political uses of these cultural messages in the construction of the image and identity of the Hispanic Monarchy during the Baroque period.

General coordinator: Renata Ago (Università di Roma, La Sapienza)

Principal researcher: Joan Lluís Palos Peñarroya


  • Joan Lluís Palos Peñarroya
  • Fernando Sánchez Marcos
  • María Inmaculada Socías Batet
  • Xavier Baro i Queralt
  • Diana Carrió-Invernizzi
  • Tara Karajica

Participating universities:

  • Univesrsitat de Barcelona
  • Università di Roma, La Sapienza
  • Technische Universität Dresden
  • Universität Greifswald-Historisches Institut
  • EHESS-París
  • Univerità di Teramo-Dipartimento di Storia e critica della politica
  • Uniwersytet Warszawski
  • Universität Wien-Sammlungen der Medizinische

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