The Catalan urban network in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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The Catalan urban network in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Non-Oriented Fundamental Research Project. Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain
HAR (2008-02972)


This project is the continuation of a line of research by the same group that has already achieved various publications, notably the book Ciutats, viles i pobles a la xarxa urbana de la Catalunya moderna (Barcelona 2005). The main objective is the study of the Catalan urban network from the double viewpoint of its links to its main core, namely the city of Barcelona, and simultaneously the development of other networks with different levels of dependence in relation to the primary. We will study the economic influence of the secondary networks, the mobility of the population afforded by the consolidation of different centres, as well as the social and political relations that were created in relation to a number of these networks.
Among the more specific objectives will be the analysis of Barcelona’s influence on the territory as a whole; the articulation between the primary network and the smaller examples; the change in the degree of dependence, especially from the mid-seventeenth century; and the efficacy of Barcelona’s political influence on its urban network in its moments of conflict, the revolt of 1640 and the War of the Spanish Succession.

Principal researcher:
Jaume Dantí i Riu


  • Agustí Alcoberro Pericay
  • Valentí Gual Vilà
  • Eva Serra Puig
  • Josep M. Torras Ribé


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