Research into Financial and Uncertainty Analysis

IAFI (Investigació en Anàlisi Financera i de la Incertesa) is a reseach group which belongs to Department of Actuarial, Financial, and Economical Mathematics and Actuarial of the University of Barcelona, whose main activity is oriented to the investigation. Their activities can be agglutinated in three large blocks:

  1. The area of consultancy and assessment to private and public firms and institutions in operations of financing and of investment.
  2. The area of formation, by means of the organization of an annual seminar on Finances, and the participation and contribution in courses, masters...
  3. The area of research, so basic as applied, with the elaboration of  the own Working Papers, the participation in diverse financed projects, the publication of articles in specialized reviews and the presence of its members in Well-known congresses in the financial field. 

The nucleus of IAFI is formed by doctors and researchers who form part of the Department of Actuarial, Financial, Economical Mathematics, with a contribution, that goes becoming permanent, of doctors and professors of other studies and universities, of researchers in formation, and of professionals linked al financial and economic environment. 

With this great number of researchers IAFI covers six research lines:

  1. Risk Management and Valuation of financial and intangible assets
  2. Financial Analysis of Law
  3. Selection of Financial Portfolio
  4. Memory, Time and Financial Uncertainty
  5. Evaluation and Analysis of Investment Operations
  6. Management, evaluation and measure of risk and of the financial system

Contact with us in:

   Grup de Recerca IAFI
   Facultat de Ciències Econòmiques i Empresarials
   Departament de Matemàtica Econòmica, Financera i Actuarial
   Universitat de Barcelona

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