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The MPET Lab (IBUB) participates in an ambitious consortium to design drugs to enhance the immune response against cancer

The project will develop new compounds against three therapeutic targets linked to tumor inflammation and will study their combined use to improve immunotherapies. The initiative has been funding with more than 2.5 million euros and is part of a Retos Colaboración call. The Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (MPET) research group, led by Marçal Pastor-Anglada,

La Marató 2019: IBUB’s science supports the fight against rare diseases

La Marató de TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio will give 14.053.915€ to a total of 41 research projects focused on the study of rare diseases. In the 2019 edition, a total of 228 projects were submitted, and were assessed according to its quality, methodology and relevance by 190 internationally distinguished experts on the issue. He management

Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute recognized as CERCA center

The Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute (IRSJD), which counts on the participation of the University of Barcelona, has been recognized by the board of trustees of the Institution for Research Centers in Catalonia (CERCA) as a CERCA centre. This award involves the development of a frontier research aimed at the scientific and economic impact

IBUB study identifies new functions in the gene that causes Machado-Joseph disease

Ataxia is a minority disease with genetic origins, known for its neuromuscular alterations due to the selective loss of neurons in the cerebellum, the organ of our nervous systems which controls movement and balance. UB researchers have identified new functions in the ataxin 3 gene (ATXN3) –which causes Machado-Joseph disease, the most common type of

TRAF7 syndrome, a rare disease. Experts of the Human Molecular Genetics Group of the UB identify 45 patients with a rare disease

One of the main limitations to study rare diseases is finding enough affected people. Regarding the TRAF7 syndrome, a rare disease and defined in a recent study by the Human Molecular Genetics Group of the University of Barcelona, the starting point was the identification of the Patient Zero affected by an undescribed de novo mutation in scientific

IBUB team to expand frontiers of multicomponent reaction-based molecular synthesis

The synthesis of complex molecules such as drugs, requires a process that sometimes involves several phases that increase its cost and harden the access to the product. Now, a team of the UB has designed a new methodological approach that combines multicomponent reactions with domino type processes –continuous transformations on an only compound– to ease

Two IBUB researchers, awarded in ICREA Academia 2019

The ICREA Academia 2019 program awarded the scientific career of two researchers of IBUB within the framework of an edition that honors the research of thirty experts in Catalonia. The awardees of ICREA Academia receive a subsidy to do research for a period of five years. The ICREA Academia program was launched in 2008 with

I Congreso Nacional COVID-19

La Sociedad Española de Farmacogenética y Farmacogenómica participará junto con otras 50 Sociedades Científicas en el I Congreso Nacional sobre COVID-19 que se celebrará los días 13 a 19 de septiembre de manera virtual.https://congresocovid19.es/index.php En esta primera edición del Congreso se presentarán los resultados de muchos de los proyectos de investigación llevados a cabo en