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New article: the importance of glia-mediated ionic balance in the neural stem cell niche for proper neurogenesis, and consequently the correct assembly of neural circuits by Marta Morey PhD

This article highlights the importance of glia-mediated ionic balance in the neural stem cell niche for proper neurogenesis, and consequently the correct assembly of neural circuits. Abstact: Glial cells form part of the neural stem cell niche and express a wide variety of ion channels; however, the contribution of these channels to nervous system development

A new study considers methadone to be the most appropriate non-addictive opioid drug to treat chronic pain

Administrating methadone instead of morphine is he most indicated pharmacological treatment in the fight against chronic pain, according to a new article published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation –which counts on the participation of the experts Vicent Casadó, Estefania Moreno and Verònica Casado-Anguera, from the Molecular Neurobiology Research Group of the Faculty of Biology,

Defective glial cells linked to Parkinson’s disease

The team led by Antonella Consiglio, researcher at IBUB and IDIBELL and Àngel Raya, from CMR[B]-IDIBELL, have published the results of a study linking defective variants of human glial cells known as astrocytes with a build-up of a toxic protein, which is one of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s Disease. The study was published in the

2nd Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium (MMCS) – Facing Novel Challenges in Drug Discovery – 15/05/2019 – 17/05/2019, Barcelona, Spain

The conference is organized by MDPI, the publisher of the open-access journal Molecules and follows the very successful one-day meeting, Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium (MMCS): Emerging Drug Discovery Approaches against Infectious Diseases, held in September 2017 at the School of Pharmacy and Food Sciences of the University of Barcelona, Spain, which turned out to be

Geneticist Gemma Marfany

The geneticist Gemma Marfany has been awarded for her dissemination work

Gemma Marfany, IBUB researcher and professor at the Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics of the UB, has published several books of scientific dissemination about forensic DNA and aging genetics, and has participated in television and radio programs and in numerous interviews for newspapers. She currently has a weekly section on digital El Nacional, where

17th edition of Live Research Fair

The 17th edition of Live Research Fair organized by the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and Obra Social la Caixa, will gather eleven research groups from Catalan institutions to create a communication space for science and society –beyond the academic and research atmosphere- and promote scientific vocations among youngsters. This year, two IBUB research groups have

IBUB participates in the III Encuentro QuinteScience

QuinteScience is a youth association made up of science students, young researchers and science professionals from all over Spain. It has a particular interest in the life sciences, but it also includes mathematicians, physicists, or engineers. Their third national congress, called “III Encuentro QuinteScience” (EQS), will take place in Barcelona this March, from Friday the