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Research Symposium on Coronaviurs

The Catalan Society of Biology (Societat Catalana de Biologia, SCB) has organized a Research Symposium on Coronavirus, a scientific meeting online with the purpose of sharing ongoing research on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. The Symposium has been held on Wednesday 6th May. This virtual congress -the first held in the State on SARS-CoV-2– had the objective of presenting and sharing all the research that is

IBUB supports the Orfeu program for massive diagnosis of SARS-Cov-2 infection by PCR

IBUB is offering its human and technological resources for the implementation of the Orfeu program, an initiative of the Catalan Government aiming at performing high throughput diagnosis of SARS-Cov-2 infection among catalan population.  The IBUB thermocycler equipment have been diverted from research to diagnosis temporarily, and  IBUB researchers and research assistants are collaborating in the management of

Identified the binding model of Congo Red dye to amyloid fibrils

The aggregation of proteins in amyloid structure, a process described in mammals and fungus and bacteria, is implied in about 36 human diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes. Most of the amyloid fibres are known for their ability to bind Congo-red, regarded a specific marker of amyloid structures. This adds a

Antonella Consiglio’s group receives funding from the ERC Proof of Concept grants to develop a new platform for the diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis

Dr. Antonella Consiglio’s group will receive 150,000 euros for an 18-month project. The project aims to develop a stem cell-based diagnostic method for autoimmune encephalitis detection. Autoimmune encephalitis (AE) is a disease that affects 2-3 people out of 100,000, in which our immune system attacks our own brain causing neurological and psychiatric symptoms. So far

New brain cell models to evaluate therapy on neurodegenerative disease Sanfilippo C

The Sanfilippo syndrome type C is a severe neurodegenerative disease which appearws during the first years of life and for which there is no treatment yet. A recent study, published in Journal of Clinical Medicine, has created brain cell models of neurons and astrocytes that allow researchers to better know the mechanisms of this syndrome and

The project led by F. J. Luque and X. Barril (IBUB), and T. Ginex (CIB-CSIC) to mitigate the covid-19 pandemic, has been awarded by PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)

The team formed by Javier Luque and Xavier Barril, researchers at IBUB, and Tiziana Ginex, researcher at the CIB-CSIC, has been awarded under the PRACE Fast Track Call for Proposals for the project requesting computing resources to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project, called Targeting conformational changes implicated