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The IBUB research group leaded by professor F. Villarroya reports that CXCL14 protein is secreted by brown adipose tissue and has beneficial effects in obesity and diabetes

This new study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, with Dr Rubén Cereijo and Dr. Aleix Gavaldà-Navarro as first authors, notes that this protein is synthetized by the brown adipose tissue and can activate anti-inflammatory activity cells –M2 type macrophages- that produce a beneficial effect in the organism, particularly in metabolic diseases such as obesity

Caixa Impulse 2018 awarded 3 UB-Fund. Bosch i Gimpera projects led by IBUB researchers

Caixa Impulse 2018 awarded 3 UB-Fund. Bosch i Gimpera projects led by IBUB researchers. The 3 selected projects are: “First-in-class dimerization inhibitors of the androgen receptor as novel therapeutics against prostate cancer”, by the lecturer Eva Estébanez, from the Faculty of Biology, to identify and verify dimerization inhibitors of the androgen receptor (iARdim) as potential

Identify the common genetic traits of psychiatric disorders

Dr. Bru Cormand and Dr. Raquel Rabionet, IBUB researchers, have participated in the international study that analyzed millions of genetic variants in more than 800.000 people -among patients and healthy volunteers─, allowing to profiling the genetic basis psychiatric and non-psychiatric neurological disorders have in common (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, migraine, etc.) and it broadens the

Six IBUB fellowships for initiation in biomedical research

IBUB has opened a call addressed to students willing to get initiated in biomedical research, within any of the IBUB laboratories. Six fellowships are opened for students showing suitable skills to eventually become candidates to join Ph.D. programs within the Biomedicine research field during the academic year 2018-2019. Registration will be open until 3 May 2018. More details:

The University of Barcelona, through the Institute of Biomedicine of the UB (IBUB), joins the Summer School on Medicines, an innovative training program in pharmacy

Promoting the bonds between students, researchers and professionals of the field of health with the world of the biopharmaceutical industry is the main challenge of the Summer School on Medicines (SSM), one of the most innovative training approaches in the field of pharmacy, in which the University of Barcelona is taking part through the Institute

Boosting glucose’s metabolism is a key process for neuronal growth

Stimulating transformation of glucose molecules into lipids in neurons is an essential factor for the development of neural networks, according to a study published in The EMBO Journal –publication of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory- and led by Professor Francesc X. Soriano, of the Faculty of Biology and the Institute of Neurosciences of the UB

Researchers find rare genetic variants associated with paternally-inherited autism

Bru Cormand, head of the Neurogenetics Research Group at the Faculty of Biology and IBUB reseracher, takes part in an international study carried out with 2,600 families that reveals the impact of paternally-inherited rare genetic variants in autism, a polygenic disease which is hard to diagnose and to treat. The study, published in the journal