Technology Transfer Opportunities

Biochemical and Biomedical
Transfer Opportunities


Animal Models:


Cardiovascular diseases

Diabetes and Obesity

Drosophila and CNS diseases


Intrapancreatic PDAC models

PPARbeta/delta knock out models

In Vivo Studies:

Anti-inflammatory and toxicology drug validation

Cardiovascular performance, ecocardiography, treadmill

Impact of drugs on development using Drosophila

Infrared thermography

Metabolic phenotyping of rodent models Stereotaxis

Cell-Based Studies:

Analysis of the mechanisms of action of anticancer drugs

Barrier models for drug absorption screening and drug-transporter interactions

Cell immortalization (fibroblasts, adipocytes,…)

In vitro assays of bacterial infection and immunosuppression

Mitochondrial metabolism and respiration

Structural Approaches and “OMICS” Services:

Biophysics assays: surface plasmon resonance/Biacore studies and competition assays

Computational biology and bioinformatics applied to genomes and gene/protein networks

Generation of high-quality leads for drug discovery

Metabolomics and computational analysis of metabolic fluxes

Protein crystallography, lead identification and validation


Gene-protein networks integration, data management and visualization

Infrared thermography for metabolic studies

Mechanisms of action of anticancer drugs

Mitochondrial metabolism and respiration

Multiomics modelling

Pharmacogenetics of anticancer drugs

Pharmacological evaluation of drugs in metabolic-related diseases

Protein structure-function relationship analysis and structural biology

Signal transduction pathways and disease

Targeted metabolomics

*Conventional cell, biochemical, protein and molecular biology approaches available in most laboratories at IBUB.

Chemistry and Pharmacy
Transfer Opportunities


Biophysical characterization of ligand-protein complexes

Computational structure-based drug discovery: druggability, virtual screening, hit/lead optimisation

Design and synthesis of chemical libraries and scaffolds

Design and synthesis of prodrugs

Experimental determination of physicochemical properties

Expert advice on new synthetic routes for organic compounds

Expert advice on the determination of ADMET properties

Expert opinion about chemical patents, infractions risks, etc.

Expert opinion on chemical manufacturing sites

Fragment-based drug discovery: fragment screening, fragment evolution

Hit to lead optimization

HPLC and/or HPLC/MS of APIs, drugs and mixtures

Molecular modelling of biomolecules for structure-function relationships

Optimization and scale-up of routes of synthesis for APIs

Search of molecules in libraries of compounds

Structural elucidation and synthesis of metabolites

Structural elucidation, isolation and synthesis of impurities of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Synthesis and conjugation of Fluorophores and Small molecule Bioprobes

Synthesis of labelled compounds

Synthesis of peptides and oligonucleotides (DNA, RNA)

Synthesis of peptides-oligonucleotides conjugates

Theoretical studies in structure-activity relationships

Primary cultures of specialized cell types (adipocytes, hepatocytes, neurons, intestinal barrier, macrophages, cardiomyocites…)


Synthesis of bioactive compounds

Assays for the physicochemical characterization of compounds: lipophilicity / hydrophilicity (log Po/w, log D, log D7.4, CHI, log D vs pH, CHI vs pH); Acidity (pKa), isoelectric point; solubility (log S0, log Sk, pH-dependent solubility), interactions with proteins (Kb, DHB).

Biophysical methods for ligand-protein characterization (DSF, SPR, ITC, fluorescence). Chromatographical estimation of biological properties: aquatic toxicity (LC50, CNAR), skin permeability (kp), and soil-water distribution (log KOC).

Computational determination of physicochemical properties of bioactive drugs

Computational methods for drug discovery Design and development of “high throughput” methods for the determination of physicochemical parameters (log Po/w, log D, CHI, pKa, log S).

Flow-chemistry (hydrogenation, coupling-reactions)


Patented compounds with biological activity

Reactions under special conditions (Flow, Microwave irradiation, Photoredox, High dilution, etc.)

Reactions with gas (H2, CO, NH3, O3, etc.)

Solid-phase synthesis of peptides and oligonucleotides (DNA, RNA): synthesis and isolation.

Synthesis of antibiotics, antivirals and antitumor compounds

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