Istanbul 2002

Mind the Map:
Design History Beyond Borders

Themes / Papers

Local, Regional, National Design Histories
Memory and identity; beginning of design, design activities, practices, education and institutionalisation in the particular area concerned; how the idea of design arrived, when and why; what was its role and how was it evolved?

Global Design History
The problematique of writing a global design history; design history or design histories; responses to Pevsnerian (or Western) design history; non-western, non-eurocentric issues; cross cultural design histories.

Design History and Design Practice
The relationship between history and practice; the role of design history in education; the expectations of professionals from design history.

Design Historiography
Problems of writing, methods, techniques etc; the position of history, research and writing in terms of information technology, electronic and digital media; drivers of design history: practice, research, education; priorities.

Design History and Boundaries
The common interests, similarities and differences with anthropology, sociology, ethnography, material culture and cultural studies; the relationship with 'History'; the contribution of design history to historical practice in general; locating design history with reference to architectural and art history: historical ties, influences, interactions.

Theories and Philosophies of Design History
The question of theory in design history; the impacts of the changing nature of designing and designed; new theories new writings; material history as a resource for the remakings


A World History of Design And The History Of The World
Victor Margolin

Local, National and Global: Redrawing the Design Historical Map
Jonathan M. Woodham

Local, Regional, National, Global and Feedback: Several Issues To Be Faced With Constructing Regional Narratives
Anna Calvera

Versions Of Things And The Representation Of Desire
Fátima Pombo Francisco Providência

A Holistic Approach To Industrial Design: Understanding The Polarities Of Design
Ahmet Zeki Turan

An Evolutionary Approach For Design – Contradictory or Complementary With History
Can Özcan

Interactive Ideograms in Multimedia Environments Authorship and Interpretation
Joana Quental Fátima Pombo

Narrative History as Anchoring - Place Against the Whirl of Time
Tansel Korkmaz

A History For a Different Modernity
Lucila Fernandez

The Design History
Guillermo Gazano Izquierdo

Commodity Discourse: The Object in Cultural Theory and Design
Prasad Boradkar

Correctness and Correctives: Design Advice and Narratives of Domestic Taste
Grace Lees Maffei

An Interior History
Suzie Attiwill

Mindful Interrogation: The Changing Role of Design History
Louise Valentine & Marlene Ivey

The Function, Why Not? Design and Sustainability
Edgardo Jose Venturini

Familiar and Unfamiliar Past, Present and Future Writing History, Audiences and Ethics
Maija Mäkikalli, FM, Researcher

Six Memos For Local Colour
Virgina Lee

Dialectics of Design: In-Between Boundaries
Pınar Yalçın Çelik Semra Aydınlı

Fusion Design - The Visioning of Australia
Hılary Cunliffe- Charlesworth

The HFG Ulm: On The Origins of Design Education In Latin America
Silvia Fernandez

Clara Porset and The Pioneers of Furniture Design In Latin America
Oscar Salinas Flores

Be Careful What Lessons You're Learning (A Visit To a South African Village Raises Some Questions About Identity and Design History)
Robert Brown

God's Hand? The Problem of Intentionality In Early Nineteenth Century British Design Debate
Jane Webb

Scottish Design Myths
Richard Carr

Design History In Catalonia In The Context Of The First Avant-Garde Movements
Mercè Vidal

Positioning Swiss Design: About The Swiss Design Mentality and Its Links To Design Practice
Laurence Mauderli

Studying The History Of Design Under Cultural History From the Perspective of Turkey
Gülname Özdemir

Design Consultancies As Agents of Learning
Özlem Er

The Complicity of Orientalism and Neo- Nationalism: "Modernity" in Asian Crafts and Design - Bamboo Nationalism
Yuko Kikuchi

Modern Space, Modern Citizens; Cartographic Design and Westernization In Japan and Its Colonies
Jilly Traganou

Meanings Of a Dual Life: Japanese Furniture and Interior Design In The Ages Of Westernization and Internationalization
Haruhiko Fujita

Modernized Japan and The Kimono: 1920s-1950s
Noriko Yoshimura

Graphic Illumination In A Brave New Media World
Penelope Lee

Measuring The Efficiency Of Visual Signs
Francesc Marcé i Puig.

The Secret Life of Arrows
David Tickle

White Space
Graham Evans

On Typographic Signification...
Gerard Mermoz

The Typographic Order
Oriol Moret

Peter Schöffer: First Designer In Book Industry
Begoña Simón, Oriol Moret

Arthur Rackham's Phrenological Landscape: In-Betweens, Goblins and Femmes Fatales
Leslie Atzmon

Eric Gill and Jonathan Barnbrook: Designers As Authors At The Poles Of The Twentieth Century
Steven McCarthy

Poster Frenzy In Greater China Since 1990
Wendy Siuyi Wong

Notes For a Contemporary History of Graphic Design In Mexico
Marina Garone

The First Emblematic Printer's Trademarks of Mexico (XVI and XVII Centuries)
Luisa Martínez Leal

Book Design and Publishing In Spain From 1950 To The Present: The Case of Edicions 62
Irini Pitsaki

Practice and Theory: Dutch Influences On The Development Of Graphic In Ireland
Linda King

Australia Responds To AIDS: A Socio-Graphic Analysis Of HIV/AIDS Campaigns
Raymond Donovan, Leong K. Chan

Gestures Of Worship and The Space Of The Mosque
Eymen Homsi

For A Critical Review of Projectual Indispensability In Relation To Craft Making Today
Miquel Mallol Esquefa

The Social Meaning Of Contemporary Craft
Anna-Marja Ihatsu

The Plight of The Anatolian Felt Maker As Arbiter of Distinctive Cultural Identity In Artifacts (Slippage In The Evolutionary Process From Craftsman To Designer Maker)
Selcuk Gurisik Ian Padgett

The Logic of Revival Within The Design Practice
Sölen Kipöz

Engineering The Dress: A Historical Study of Jean Muir's Approach To Cut
Lynn Hammond

Japanese Tradition In Issey Miyake
Chikako Hiramitsu

Challenging The Canon: British Nineteenth Century Design Education, Non-European Ornamental Art and The Glasgow Style
George Rawson

Design History On The Periphery Of Design Practice Education In The UK
Paul Atkinson, Joanna Beale-Parry

An Overview Of The State Academy of Applied Arts and The Influence Of German Werkkunstschules During The Establishment and Development Period Of Industrial Product Design In Turkey
Seçil Satir

The Influence of Furniture Design Education In Turkey
Hamza Çınar

Possibilities and Boundaries Of Cyber-Design In Sci-Fi Films
Önder Erkarslan

Image As Evidence In The Digital Age
Marlene Ivey

Influence Of Ergonomics on Product Styling: A View On The Ongoing History Of Deterministic Approach To Form
Ali E. Berkman

Making Sense: A Case Study Of A Collaborative Design- Led New Product Development For The Sensory Impaired
Paul Chamberlain MdesRCA, James Roddis

Towards Virtual Museum Of Design
Helena Barbosa, Francisco Providencia, Nuno Dias, Vasco Branco

The Museum Of Portuguese Design
João Branco, Francisco Providencia, Carlos Aguiar Pinto, Vasco Branco

The Catalogue Of The Madb Design Collection
Silvia Ventosa

Development Patterns Of Industrial Design In Greece
Artemis Yagou

Industrial Design In Brazil: From The Modern Movement To Present Globalization
Maria Cecilia Loschiavo Dijon De Moraes, Maristela Mitsuko Ono

The Development Pattern Of Industrial Design In Turkey: An Attempt For A Conceptual Framework
Alpay Er, Özlem Er, Fatma Korkut