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The Research Group for the Study of the Linguistic Repertoire (GRERLI) is a group attached to the ICE at the University of Barcelona, which has been recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonian as a Consolidated Group in 2005 (2005SGR-00637), 2009 (2009SGR-555) and 2013 (2014SGR-765).

Since its constitution, the group has worked on the study of linguistic repertoire in multilingual environments and on the research about processes of learning and teaching of languages. Each of these areas has specific objectives and has obtained own funds, but both support each other. In both fields, we develop basic research that provides a framework of the situation of the phenomena being studied and used to design educational interventions that take into account the characteristics of learners in today's multilingual contexts.

The composition of the group is interdisciplinary; its members come from different but complementary teaching fields and disciplines: linguistics, first second and foreign language teaching, Catalan and Spanish languages and psycholinguistics.



  • Grupo de Investigación para el Estudio del Repertorio Lingüístico (GRERLI)
    Instituto de Ciencies de la Educación
    Universitat de Barcelona

    Campus de Mundet
    Paseo de la Vall d'Hebron, 171
    08035 Barcelona, España  

    Teléfonos:934 035 238
    934 035 193
  • Fax: 934 021 016
  • grerli@ub.edu
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