ADD+ART2021 Congress

12/20 The open call for the ADD + ART 2021 virtual congress opens, which will discuss the effects of the pandemic and post-pandemic context on artistic productions. Organized by IN>TRA2 with the support of the Ministry and different entities, its thematic lines will be the link between art and the territory, space, devices, decoding and … Continued

Activitat oberta al públic. Activitat formativa per als doctorands del programa EAPA (Estudis Avançats en Produccions Artístiques) i per als alumnes del Màster PRODART (Producció i Recerca Artística). Organitza: Grup de Recerca IMARTE.  Direcció: Eugènia Agustí i Eloi Puig.

Lovelace: workshop by Laura Llaneli

12/20 Activity open to the audience. Training activity for phd students of the EAPA program (Advanced Studies in Artistic Productions) and for students of the PRODART Master (Artistic Production and Research).  Date: December 15, from 4 pm until 7 pm Link: Organized by: IMARTE Research Group.  Direction: Eugènia Agustí and Eloi Puig.  


Martí Ruiz at the INDISCIPLINES International Congress

11/19 Martí Ruiz presents “Challenges and potentials of participatory sound sculpture” at the INDISCIPLINES international congress. Organized by the Campus of Arts in order to explore the territories hybrid artistic research based practice with interest in the dynamics of the academy. The conference will be held in Barcelona from 28 to 30 November 2019. The … Continued


Voices Matters at CAiRE Open Thursdays

11/19 First session of CAiRE Thursdays open in Hangar. The session will feature a sharing of Beatriz Regueira’s Voices Matters research. Voices Matters is a proposal that explores voice as a physical-energetic and discursive phenomenon capable of “performing” the deepest part of our being, from the preverbal dimension of the birth of our voices as unconscious … Continued


Roundtable panel at the Werner Thöni Artspace

10/19 The event for «Barcelona Young Gallery Weekend» at the Werner Thöni Artspace was well attended this past Sunday. The afternoon began with Artist Alexandre Madureira presenting a tour of his exhibition, «You Will Find Me if You Want Me in the Garden», followed by a roundtable panel, Antes del Antes, with Werner Thöni, Eloi … Continued


Oscar Padilla finalist of the BBVA Ricard Camí Painting Award

09/19 Oscar Padilla finalist of the BBVA Ricard Camí Painting Award. Exhibition of the finalist works in the Cultural Center of Terrassa. The prize promotes painting and stimulates new creators since 1989, when it was instituted in the memory of Ricard Camí i Aliart.