Final Symposium. Prototypes shared. Collaborative artistic experiences.

11/18 The Symposium Prototypes shared. Collaborative artistic experiences are the culmination of the Competitive Project IN>TRA. It is structured from two subprojects, Metamètodes III and Materia Impresa II, with specific objectives and interests and lines of transversal research. During these three years of joint work, we have carried out several research activities that address problems around Digital Humanities and New Materialisms from transdisciplinary collaboration.
As a closing of these years of research, the objective of this Symposium is to provide a framework of work around the notion of prototype understood as a functional model, although provisional and, therefore, still not stable, in which the problematic and active principles of something still close to intuition are visible. From the proposals of artistic collaborative practices between agents and diverse interests, we intend to generate a favorable framework to reflect, question, reformulate and outline the creation of new methodological prototypes aimed at the detection of synergies and the articulation of collaborations symbiotic