The Imarte Research Group first started taking part in competitive projects in 2000. We have been able to create different research lines ever since, all of which are based on artistic production, to analyze the changes in the meaning of art and the influence of digital technologies in its processes. Artistic research today establishes a shared code that is not limited to a single model but implies a dynamic space in which different methodologies take part, and by doing so contributes to the accumulation of knowledge. Certain debates have appeared in the contemporary art context, which challenge the changes that happen in new forms of artistic practice. This fact has driven us to analyze new tools, technologies and ideas that as creative strategies have opened up the following research lines:

Binary prospections: Artistic production, art and technology
Expanded printing:
Artistic production, art, technology and printing.
Art and research. Shared methodologies.
IN>TRA. Research project: IN>TRA2. Reading as an artistic practice: new models of creative decoding

Our aim is, on the one hand, to tackle the analyse of the changes produced in the concept of art and its role within the knowledge society, and on the other hand, to intervene in the transformation of the artistic praxis, which happens in the context of the new production conditions.


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