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IN2UB_TFM_Proposals (OFFERS)

OFFER TFM "Iron Gold Nanorods" coordinated by: Group of Magnetic Nanomaterials; and Laboratory of Nanostructured and Nanocomposite Materials

OFFER end-of-degree project (bachelor’s degree in Chemistry)

OFFER: TFM/PhD at Cellular responses to xenobiotics group

OFFER: TFM/PhD at Supramolecular Systems in Nanobiomedicine group

OFFERS: TFM/PhD in magnetic nanoparticles with different application

OFFERS: TFM coordinated with IREC:  Master Thesis IREC-UB_IMaster Thesis IREC-UB_IIMaster Thesis IREC-UB_III

External Offers

- PhD Offer-ICMA Univ. Zaragoza: PhD Scholarship position in quantics information

Postdoctoral Researcher (MaX-CoE project)

- Assistant Professor for Experimental Solid State Physics with a focus on Spin Physics at ohannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Offer)