This coordinated project combines different disciplinary and territorial sensitivities addressing the complex problem of the socio-economic model for the Spain in the aftermath of the economic crisis, through the perspective of innovation, creativity and culture in four distinct areas that correspond to the four subprojects that make up this coordinated project.

1. Innovation in governance and networks in creative and knowledge activities in four city-regions in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Bilbao) (University of Barcelona)

2. Culture in the transmission mechanisms of innovation to the territory into three cultural and creative sectors (audiovisual sector, musical societies sector and heritage sector) (University of Valencia)

3. The analysis of innovation and the creative economy in cities (Catalan cities and municipalities in the area of Lleida) (University of Lleida)

4. Social innovation (at the institutional, company and household level) in housing access after the financial crisis, and creative innovation mechanisms in urban regeneration. (University of Barcelona_II)

The objectives set up by this coordinated project are:

1. To develop a common framework for the 4 sub-projects.

2. To identify the capacity to generate wealth by creative and cultural sectors in the Spanish economy from a European perspective (pre and post crisis) using the definition of models and indicators in the sector analysis.

3. To identify new models of governance based on social innovation in both creative and traditional sectors.

4. To qualitative estimate the added value that networks between creative workers and cultural organizations produce.

5. To identify the challenges in need to be approached by some of the traditional sectors of the Spanish economy to participate into these new dynamics of change

6. To provide alternatives to the existing organizational measures at the institutional and business dimensions in order to create the dynamics which promote social innovation.

7. To develop recommendations for regional and urban policies related to creativity, culture, and innovation.

8. To disseminate the knowledge gained in this project in international and national spheres with acknowledged academic credentials.