Grup de Dendrímers i Polígons Moleculars


Dendrimers & Molecular Polygons Group

Dendrimers & Polygons Moleculars laboratory

Research Lines

Carbosilane dendrimers

Our research in this field is related to the study of the potencial catalitic activity of metallodendrons containing P-stereogenic phosphane dendrons in supercritic CO2 or water soluble metallodendrons.

Gold nanoparticles

The synthesis of carbosilane-skeleton metallodendrons functionalized with tertiary phosphanes and a thiol group as focal point are developed for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles. The corresponding potential catalytic activity is also studied.

Supramolecular Chemistry

The research developed in this area is based on self-assembly reactions to obtain supramolecular structures. To do this, the previous synthesis of the appropriate ligands for the construction of the metallomacrocycles is also carried out.