Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Information for the applicants


1. Who our courses are for?
  • Our courses are for students on international exchange programmes, professionals and the general public.

    For further details, see the information on each particular course.

  • The courses can also be recognized as ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).



2. The languages we teach in
  • Most of the courses are taught in English although some may be taught in other languages. For further details, see the information on each particular course.



3. How to enrol?
  • You can enrol either online or in person. To enrol online, depending on the course you choose you can enrol here at this page or click on the name of the course and enrol at an external page.
  • The enrolment period begins on 9 February 2015 and ends seven days before the course starts. If you want to enrol in person, visit our office at the Casa Jeroni Granell, 582, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, which is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • To guarantee your enrolment you will need to pay the course fee, which you can do by credit or debit card. Note that you will only be able to cancel your enrolment and receive a refund if your reasons for doing this are covered by the University of Barcelona’s general regulations. Registration page



4. The course fee
  • The fee varies according to the type and length of each course but an early-bird discount of 20% will be offered for all courses and a discount of 10% is also available for certain types of students and staff (see 6 below). Discounts can be accumulated.





6. Discounts
  • The following students and staff are entitled to a 10% discount in the course fee:

  • • UB Community
    • — UB student card holders
    • — Members of UB administrative and service staff (PAS)
    • — Members of UB teaching and research staff (PDI)
    • — Members of the UB Group

    • • Current students and alumni of the UB’s Area for Complementary Training, which includes the Spanish studies school Estudios Hispánicos (EH), the School of Modern Languages (EIM), Els Juliols and the new project Gaudir UB

    • • Members of UB Alumni

  • • Students and staff members of partner universities (list provided)



  • Hours

    Full Price

    Early Bird

    Partner or
    UB Member

    Early Bird Discount
    for Partners

    20 hrs

    400,00 €

    320,00 €

    360,00 €

    280,00 €

    30 hrs

    500,00 €

    400,00 €

    450,00 €

    350,00 €

    45 hrs

    800,00 €

    640,00 €

    720,00 €

    560,00 €




7. Your receipt of payment
  • Once you have paid the fee, the School will either give or send you a receipt of payment, which you should keep as proof of your enrolment in the course in question and which you should bring with you on the first day.



8. Our cancellation policy
  • The organization of the University of Barcelona International Summer School reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrolment. If the students enrolled in this course do not want to enrol in another course instead, the School will refund them the money they have paid. We also reserve the right to reschedule a course or change the speakers in a course, when and where this is necessary. The fully updated programme for each course can be consulted in the section Course programmes.



9. What are ECTS credits?
  • ECTS credits express students' workloads in each subject or activity. ECTS: (European Credit Transfer System) The University of Barcelona will issue ECTS for all the participants that finish the courses, however the student has to make sure that the home university will accept the credits for his/her records. This system is intended to take into account and recognize all the work done by students. As a result, an ECTS credit corresponds towork, which includes:
  • • Lectures and practical classes
  • • Private study, on- or off-campus
  • • Participation in seminars, assignments, practical work and projects
  • • Preparation for and completion of examinations and assessment tests
  • This doesn't mean that more hours are required. Rather, it takes into account all the hours of work required in an academic year, a subject or an activity. These hours were already necessary before, but they were not counted explicitly.



10. What is included in the Tuition fee?
  • The courses can offer a diverse number of events and can even include meals. However, these can vary for each course. What all courses include in these fees is the following: Free of charge and dicount





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