The Institutions and Political Economy Research Group (IPERG) at the University of Barcelona (UB) aims to sponsor several candidates for the Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Call by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation.  

IPERG is a research center directed by Prof. Carles Boix. The main goal of IPERG is to foster the study the role of institutions (from political regimes to parties and electoral norms) on the emergence of political order and stability, the political representation of individual and social interests, and economic development and redistribution. 

A second objective of IPERG is to encourage greater integration among various parts of the social sciences in Barcelona, particularly among political science, economics, sociology and history. Its fellows’ research is funded by the European Research Council, AGAURFundació La Caixa, and the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation. 

Applicants for a Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Scholarship are required to fill in their own application but also need the sponsorship of a research institution and the mentoring of an established researcher. At IPERG, we are willing to pre-select outstanding candidates in order to endorse them in the application process.   

The candidates willing to apply for a Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Scholarship under the sponsorship of researchers at IPERG-UB should contact Anna Alsina ( by email before 10 January 2020, including the following materials: curriculum vitae, motivation letter.  

For further details on the Juan de la Cierva Scholarships, please follow these links:  

1Juan de la Cierva Incorporación Postdoctoral Scholarship, for candidates that obtained the PhD between 2016 and 2018 This is a 3-years postdoctoral scholarship.  

2Juan de la Cierva Formación Postdoctoral Schoarship”, for candidates that obtained the PhD between 2019 and 2020.  This is a 2-years postdoctoral scholarship.   

For further enquiries, candidates can contact IPERG Deputy Director, Prof. Francesc Amat at