The International Association for Comparative Semitics

The International Association for Comparative Semitics (IACS) was promoted by the Institute for the Ancient Near East of Barcelona University and officially created on the occasion of the first meeting of its founding members, held in Barcelona on 19th-20th November, 2004. Its aim is to bring together scholars interested in comparative Semitics from all over the world and provide them with their own regular forum of discussion. Up to now, the public presentation of comparative Semitic studies has taken place during meetings of associations for Afro-Asiatic or Hamito-Semitic studies, and less frequently in conferences on general linguistics, Semitics or Assyriology. To remedy this deficiency the IACS was created.

The Association meets every two years to discuss a previously agreed topic from the field of comparative Semitics. So far, three meetings or symposia have been held: in Barcelona, Sitges and Turin.  The fourth meeting is scheduled for the beginning of June 2010, in Zaragoza (Spain). The proceedings of the first two symposia have already been pusblished. The proceedings of the third are in the press and will be published by the University of Turin.